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Get to know a Designated Designer ~ Tracy!

 We are thrilled to have Tracy joing the Drunken Stamper family this week!  We first noticed her when she started blogging to play along with our very first challenge and have been amazed by her work every week and I’m sure that things will not change now that she is an official Drunken Stamper!

Let’s get to know Tracy a little bit better!

1. What is your drink of choice when stamping?

Guinness! In a lovely stemmed glass complete with my homemade Aztec sun stem charm! Prost!
2. What or who inspires you creatively?

Color is a big draw for me: I adore pink, but all colors find their way occasionally on and off and on again my favorites list.
    Fellow bloggers also are an amazing inspiration. I’ve been led to more adventurous designs and learned new techniques: For instance, this blog (Drunken Stampers) and Linda at Studio L3 have literally and figuratively challenged me to use mediums I might not have tried on my own.
3. How would you describe your style?

I have no idea — and my art frequently suffers from this fact. To illustrate my confusion, here’s a list of the items on a single shelf in my craft room: A Yankee Candle set in a Longaberger basket, surrounded by a Rubik’s cube, a Lego dragon, a Chevron car, a remote control bug, antique ViewMaster, wind up toys from kids’ meals, a few shells, several rocks, a couple of Christmas ornaments, an enormous hex bolt, jars of glitter, vintage label art in small frames, a chunk of wood from an Aspen tree trunk and a hand-painted wooden box from a special-edition bottle of tequila.
    Yeah, you know, my style is pretty much whatever makes me say, “Ouuu, neat!”

4. What are your top 5 stamping must haves that you could not live without?

ONLY FIVE? OK .. I’ll try to choose only five …
    A heat gun: I lack any level of measurable patience, so waiting for something to dry is out of the question (plus, see embossing below).
    Acrylic paint: It’s cheap, painless to clean, comes in hundreds of colors and can be used for a variety of projects.
    Mounted AND unmounted stamps: It’s brilliant to be able to collect sets of acrylic sentiments or shapes that aren’t going to be used every day, but have occasional uses. Meanwhile I still adore the mounted stamps, especially for use as grab-and-go envelope “seals,” package art and embellishment on card interiors.

    Sharp things: X-acto knives and paper cutters, scissors, punches, piercers, scorers, perforaters … you can never own enough paper-damaging tools.
    Embossing tools: Shiny, glittery embossing developed with finger-burning heat or subtle, textured embossing from a paper press … such a gift of living in our century … ‘cuz it’s like grandpa used to say, “I remember them days when the young’uns only had wet paper, rocks and the ol’ sun for embossing.”

Get to Know a Designated Designer…Linda

Welcome to our second installment of get to know a Designated Designer Sunday!
For this week’s DS challenge, please scroll down to the post below.

This week we’re visiting with Linda. Her creations are most certainly one of a kind with such bold, bright and vivid colours! When you visit her blog Studio L3 at http://studiol3.blogspot.com/, I highly suggest that you not only look at the pictures but read her blog too as she’s got a great sense of humour!

Linda always has something wonderful on the go and we had to pin her down for a couple of minutes in the lounge and ask her our fave DS questions over a wonderful cuppa java!!

1. What is your drink of choice when stamping?
You know, that depends upon many factors, including time of day, time of month (!), barometric pressure, and, above all, tensile strength of whatever creative block I’m currently attempting to overcome! In general, though, a nice Breve’ (that’s espresso with steamed HALF & HALF!) gets me in a crafty mood early in the day. A cup of Dagoba Xocolatl wicked spicy hot cocoa fires me up later in the evening. And should a few drops of Kahlua find their way into that cup, well, who am I to argue?

2. What or who inspires you creatively?
Tim Holtz is my man-muse, no doubt, and I really love the work of Lynn Stevens, Daniel Torrente, Hels Sheridan, Linda Baldock (at Eclectic Visions of an Altered Journey)… and of course, the Drunken Stamper girls! (I’m going to feel horrible when I realize I’ve omitted someone I adore…). Often my inspiration comes from some cool new item that I can’t wait to get my hands on (yes, I’m a product junkie), or a great tutorial from one of the gazillion blogs I follow.

3. How would you describe your style?
Well, the tagline on my blog says, “Refreshingly UNprofessional art” and “Unprofessional” is the operative word! I can’t for the life of me draw or paint or sketch or any of those things “real” artist do, but I sure have fun playing in my studio! I love grunge, steampunk, distressed, ratty…  Admittedly, I don’t do cute very well, although I admire those who do!

4. What are your top 5 stamping must haves that you could not live without?
1. Distress Ink. All the colors! All the time!
2. Stampotique rubber stamps. They’re just off-kilter enough to appeal to the Tim Burton fan in me.
3. Ranger Archival Black Ink. My go-to when I need something deep, dark and permanent.
4. My Craftbox studio-in-an-armoire! This contraption makes it possible for me to have a spacious work area in my tiny little townhouse.
5. Those gazillion bloggers I mentioned earlier. The online stamping community is nothing short of magnificent! People are so brilliant, generous and supportive of one another. It’s really a joy to be a part of this worldwide neighborhood.

Here’s Linda’s fave project:

You’ll most definitely want to check out how she put all this together (it’s on her blog) as it was an interesting and funny read!

Thanks so much Linda for your time and we always look forward to your take on the Drunken Stampers Challenges! We are so lucky to have you playing with us!

Get to Know a Designated Designer…Donna!

Welcome our first get to know a Designated Designer Sunday! For this week’s DS challenge, please scroll to the post below.

This week we’re getting to know Donna, if you haven’t already visited her blog “A Little Creating on My Rocky Road of Life” be sure to check out her work! She does an amazing job with Magolias!

We caught up with her in the lounge and asked her our fave Drunken Stampers questions to get to know her a little better.

1. What is your drink of choice when stamping?
I try not to have fluid of any kind in my craft room because I am a bit of a klutz ! Easy to wander back through the house then to take chances ! If there is any drink in there though it is water in a sealed container ! Usually I am juiced up on caffeine by that point regardless !

2. What or who inspires you creatively?
When I first started scrapbooking a number of years ago it was a gal named Danea Weibe-Burlson . She did such remarkable things with paper and a photo and was such an inspiration as she has suffered with RA since she was a child. I figured anybody that had such adversity to overcome and create such beautiful pages then there was nothing stopping me as I had 2 good hands to create with.
Then I discovered stamping at a CTMH home party and another addiction started …. there has been no turning back!  My greatest inspiration now comes from the many blogs I visit …. it is a wonder I get anything done during the day as the internet can entertain me for hours when I should be doing something!
Of course DRUNKEN STAMPERS is a great inspiration as well as I have already pushed myself out of my comfort zone on a couple of the challenges !

3. How would you describe your style?
STYLE ??????????? I have no style , what I create comes from my heart … I follow no rules , don’t follow directions well and don’t tell me I can’t as I will do just the opposite !  So maybe I should call my style CUTE REBEL ………..

4. What are your top 5 stamping must haves that you could not live without?
Wow , only 5 !!!! that is a hard one !

1 . My Copics ……. I have an addiction to these ! Who knew that I would fall in love with something so easily 🙂  I am self-taught to use these and am not afraid to try almost anything with them ( within reason that is ! LOL )

2. My Magnolia stamps ………….. another addiction that goes hand in hand with my Copics

3. Sookwang  2-sided tape ! I use it for everything from sticking paper on paper to mounting my elements on my paper ….. LOVE it and the fact it comes in different widths!

4. My many different types of ink pads …. water-based , Staz-on , distressed , Mementos ……. love all of it!

5. My craft desk and organization towers from Best Craft storage.  I can hide …. I mean organize my inks , my papers , my embellishments , my stamps out of DH’s view ……. yeah right , too bad it didn’t clean up the mess I make while creating ! LOL ! it is a wonderful desk and hutch I am so happy with it and the drawer tower I bought as well .

Well that being said , I am so pleased to be chosen to join all of you on my first ever, step out of my comfort zone gig !!!  I hope to have a great time with you ladies and also hope to bring some inspiration to the team and those who join us with the challenges !

Here’s a couple of Donna’s fave projects:

Thanks so much Donna! We are so excited to have you with us playing every week and can’t wait to see more!