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Get to know your Drunken Stampers Designated Designer ~ Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our Drunken Stampers Designated Designer Parade!

Today we’re chatting in the lounge with Donna & Elizabeth who’ve stayed on with us from last term (we’re so glad that they did too!)

Donna ~ Team Flirtini

Donna’s Blog


Time of day that you’re most creative?

Strangely, although I am not a morning person…first thing in the morning!!
I often wake up on weekends and head straight into the craft room (I think I get some of my best ideas in my sleep!!)

Favorite color to use in crafting?

Is kraft a colour?? I am going to answer my own question and say YES!!
Kraft is so versatile, goes with everything, easy to embellish…sets off other colours beautifully.

Essential crafting tool? (other than the basics)

Punches, I love using punches for purposes other than which they were intended…using an owl punch to make penguins or ghosts, using the wing of a bird punch to make flower petals or a hamburger completely from punched parts 🙂

Are you a neat or messy stamper?

Messy, messy, messy, messy…I usually have to spend at least 1/2 hour cleaning the craft shack after making something before I can move on to something else.

Serendipity. What project/card have you made that turned out differently and much better than you had planned

That’s an easy one for me, would have to be the card I made for the National Milk Chocolate / National Hamburger Day challenge in the last round. I REALLY struggled with that one…had NO idea what to make…then I started playing around with punches to make a hamburger, added some french fries, used a paper napkin for a picnic table cloth and VOILA…it turned out to be one of my favourite cards EVER!!

Elizabeth ~ Team Flirtini

Elizabeth’s Blog


Time of day that you’re most creative?

Mid-afternoon. By then I’ve had my coffee, I’ve eaten lunch, and I’m ready to create.

Favorite color to use in crafting?

Red. I love to add a bright pop of red colour on a card or a scrapbook page.

Essential crafting tool?

Tim Holtz’s Paper Distresser. I love the look of frayed, distressed edges, and I reach for this little tool all the time!

Are you a neat or messy stamper?

I’m a messy stamper, but when I’m in-between projects my crafting space is very neat. I have to clean up after every project though, or else my desk would be covered in glitter, paper scraps, and everything in between.

Serendipity. What project/card have you made that turned out differently and much better than you had planned?

A week before Mother’s Day this year, I was desperately craving summer weather, and I set out to make a summery card. I envisioned something beach-themed when I started, so I pulled out a piece of pretty pattern paper that had seashells on it, and got to work. And then, magically, the card morphed into something completely different. I very quickly tossed away my preconceived notion that I’d be creating a beach-themed card, and instead I went with something feminine and elegant. I had a stamp from Unity Stamp Co. that was calling my name, and I knew it would be perfect for this card.
I set out to create a summery card, and ended up with a Mother’s Day card that my mom absolutely loved.

Thanks ladies for spending some time with us in the lounge! We look forward to seeing what wonderful creations you have in store for us!

For our readers out there, thank for joining us today! Be sure to come back tomorrow and get to know 2 more Designers during our Designers Parade week!



  1. KelliJo

     /  August 29, 2012

    SO excited to hang with these gals!!!! 🙂

  2. I’m excited to hang with you too KelliJo!
    So glad Elizabeth is back for another round 🙂
    Go Team Flirtini!!!

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